Technical building equipment planners

Since 2010, building contractors have invested more in technical building equipment than in structural engineering. This trend shows no sign of slowing down.

For this reason, we provide all technical building equipment planners responsible for heating, ventilation and climate control applications materials for their daily work. When it comes to our energy-efficient fans, we provide bidding specifications and comprehensive information on the key technical parameters.

Our references are impressive: Whether it's luxury cruise ships, concert halls, clinics, hotels or office complexes, our solutions create perfect climates around the world.

“Healthy air thanks to FanGrid”


When a huge axial fan broke down in the Skaraborg clinic in Sweden, the air conditioner could no longer produce the required air flow. But replacing the unit would have required modifications. It was time for a forward-thinking solution.

“Sweden’s coolest data center”


The Swedish provider BAHNHOF converted a bunker in Stockholm into an unusual data center. Fans from ebm-papst keep the electricity bill just as cool as the location.