Aiming high in vertical farming.

Ventilation, drive and automation solutions for perfect growth conditions

Humanity is facing enormous challenges: population growth, urbanization, climate change. The most important solutions include vertical and insect farming, above all due to quick yields all year round with lower water and space consumption than in conventional agriculture.


However, the basic requirement for this is economical, intelligent technologies that always meet the demands and are highly efficient. We are your experienced engineering partner for air conditioning and light control, LED cooling, air supply and distribution, nutrient supply, automated goods handling or driverless transport, and much more.


They require little space and are pleasantly quiet. They also withstand harsh ambient conditions and work reliably at excellent efficiency levels.


They move large air flows and are pleasantly quiet. The combination of ebm‑papst GreenTech EC technology, intelligent sensors and control electronics turns the fans into smart solutions for all purposes.


They impress in particular at high back pressures and still keep noise emissions low. They perform their work with robustness and longevity, regulated as required and with the best intelligent networking.


The entire range is available with both AC and GreenTech EC technology. In addition to being particularly energy-saving, the integrated electronics also make it possible to implement any control, monitoring and maintenance functions.


We have a tailored, high-performance solution for every requirement and application, no matter how high the output torque or how compact the installation space is.

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Save energy and increase profitability
together with ebm‑papst

Future-proof and sustainable

Taking responsibility for people and the environment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we develop durable products designed for maximum environmental compatibility and produce them using processes that conserve resources.

Here is how much intelligent technology is incorporated into our vertical farming solutions:

  •  Motor temperature and ambient temperature monitoring
  • Precisely sets air flow and operating points
  •  Control and monitoring via MODBUS RTU and/or PWM / analog (0-10 V)
  • Fan acts as a sensor
  • Automatic status monitoring and resonance analysis
  • Warning and possible shutdown in the event of continuous imbalance



AxiEco axial fans show what they can do, especially under pressure and harsh environmental conditions. And they are always highly efficient.

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AxiEco 200

This axial fan’s unique impeller reduces turbulence. This makes it particularly suitable for applications requiring pressure.

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Small, flexible, efficient – the AxiACi axial fan impresses with many good properties and is fully certified for (almost) any environment.

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axial fans


Thanks to their revolutionary fan system, AxiBlade axial fans are not only made for all applications, but also captivate with their high efficiency and low noise emissions.

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The latest generation of the centrifugal fan series impresses with its higher air performance and improved efficiency. This sets new standards in ventilation and air conditioning technology and enables quick upgrades.

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Easy to handle, compact, highly efficient – RadiPac EC centrifugal fans have outstanding properties and prosper in any installation situation.

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ECI with Eta Crown

Brushless internal rotor motors from the ECI series, combined with Eta Crown angular gearboxes, exploit their full potential for various requirements.

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VDC with Performax

Brushless external rotor motors in the VD/VDC series are in demand for high synchronous operation requirements. With PerformaxPlus planetary gears, they are the method of choice for many automation systems.

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The new AxiForce compact fan series ensures that sensitive future technologies are effectively protected. And noise emissions are kept nicely within limits. 

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Fresh vegetables from the heart of the city

Artisan Green grows leafy vegetables in the middle of Singapore. In the company's vertical gardening farm, it is growing spinach and other leafy vegetables under controlled conditions. A special air filter with EC fan produces the healthy atmosphere that the young green plants require.