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Engineering a better life

With our brand claim "Engineering a better life", we express how important it is to us to implement sustainable and intelligent solutions that create a better climate for people, their applications and our environment.

We live this comprehensive understanding of sustainability in our daily work. Our highly efficient products enable energy-saving applications. In their production, we emphasise the responsible use of resources. Through digital added value, we increase cost-effectiveness and quality of life and utilise additional energy-saving potential. Our innovative strength and our focus on research and development are constantly leading us to new sustainable innovations.

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from the start


Ever since ebm‑papst was founded, we have aspired to become better and better: Every new product must outperform its predecessor economically and ecologically and offer customers clear added value. This still applies today and also makes our customers' applications more sustainable:

  • Our efficient solutions reduce the power consumption of applications by up to 70 percent - and thus contribute to lower CO2 emissions.
  • We focus on durable products and thus save resources.
  • We help save time, cost and effort.
  • Better air quality in living and working areas increases well-being.
  • In the production of our solutions, we minimise energy requirements and the use of materials.

On the one hand, we help our customers to achieve their climate targets more quickly with intelligent solutions. On the other hand, however, this understanding of sustainability obliges us to pursue ambitious goals, and not just in terms of climate protection:

Our responsibility for people and the environment does not end at the factory gate. That is why we share our understanding of sustainability along the value chain with our partners around the world. We rely on EcoVadis to create transparency within our supply chain. EcoVadis is a global CSR rating company that carries out its assessments on the basis of international standards.

Our partners and suppliers support us in achieving our sustainability goals by registering on the EcoVadis platform and completing a sustainability assessment.

The ebm‑papst Group has had itself assessed by EcoVadis. The overall EcoVadis rating reflects the quality of the company's activities in the areas of "Environment", "Labour and Human Rights", "Ethics" and "Sustainable Procurement" at the time of the assessment and on the basis of the data submitted. The ebm‑papst Group was awarded the silver medal by Ecovadis until November 2024. With 62 points, ebm‑papst is now among the top 20% in the industry.

EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating 2023

Our employees are the most important building block for our success. They are highly qualified, creative and committed. To keep them that way, we create optimal conditions for them.

That is why we offer our employees a flexible working time model, individual opportunities for further training, ergonomically designed workplaces, a company health management system and numerous opportunities to do sport together. Last but not least, we also organise the ebm‑papst Marathon.

Flexibility is a central component of ebm‑papst's corporate culture. We value an open climate that is dynamic enough to take into account the professional and personal interests of our employees. For us in the ebm‑papst family, respect for human rights is of the utmost importance and is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. That is why we are committed to ethical standards, which we have collected and recorded here.

We know that our position as a company is a success of the people around us. And because of our origins and our regional roots, we know how important cohesion and solidarity are for long-term success - and not just in our business relationships. We therefore support the community in our locations and regions with a wide range of activities. We are particularly focussed on young people. We are also a member of various organisations and pay attention to sustainable commitment. Criteria for supporting projects.

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Over EUR 1.5 million

per year are invested in renewable energy generation capacity.

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6 %

of our emissions were reduced through improved energy efficiency in our production processes.

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61 %

of total CO2 emissions in GHG Scope 1 and 2 can be avoided by purchasing green electricity in 2023 in Germany, Hungary, China, Slovenia, the United States, Romania and Italy.

for intelligent solutions

Our efficient, low-noise and durable products have long offered users economic and ecological benefits. By using intelligent technologies and tools, we are realising even greater energy-saving potential while also opening up new ways of generating heat, moving air - and improving its quality. Our aim is to further increase the added value for our customers through our digital solutions.

From the first integrated electronics before the turn of the millennium to the latest networkable solutions: We bring digital added value to our customers' applications. From demand-orientated operation, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to data-driven buildings with AI - together we find the solution that cuts costs, saves energy, reduces emissions and improves quality of life.

We rely on this:

  • Intelligent, networkable solutions
  • Data acquisition and processing using internal and external sensors and powerful electronics
  • Data transmission including interfaces, protocols, server and cloud connection
  • Data evaluation with in-house software, algorithms and product expertise
  • Continuous development of new technologies and solutions
  • Intuitive control through artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Practical tools such as the FanScout fan selection programme

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a decisive factor for the health, well-being and productivity of people who spend time indoors - in their homes, at work, at school, in the supermarket or when visiting the doctor.

ebm‑papst brings expertise from a wide range of applications in ventilation and air conditioning technology to the consideration of air quality. Intelligent fans, integrated sensors and soft sensors also provide valuable data. In addition, the innovative approaches of ebm‑papst neo offer specific products for controlling and optimising air quality.

Our cloud solution collects data from existing systems, analyses it and derives value-adding actions from it. Algorithms learn from user behaviour, building characteristics and environmental conditions to create an optimised indoor ecosystem.

ep neo - piktogramm - Die kognitive Leistung steigt

for intelligent solutions


We do not rest on our laurels, but constantly strive for improvement. Thanks to this inventive spirit, ebm‑papst has developed into the technology leader in air and heating technology - and thus helps its customers to make their applications even better. We invest well over EUR 100 million annually in research and development, in particular to further increase the resource efficiency of our entire product portfolio. We consistently pursue a "local for local" approach. This is why we also invest in development capacities in America and Asia in order to develop the right solutions for the regional markets directly on site.

To ensure that we can offer our customers products of the highest possible quality, we test them carefully throughout the entire product development process. To this end, we maintain a test centre, fan test benches, gas test benches and EMC laboratories, among other things, and subject our products to rigorous testing in order to meet our high quality standards.

Fans and blowers are subject to a variety of environmental influences during their entire service life, which affect their service life, performance and long-term behaviour.

We therefore carry out comprehensive tests in our numerous research and test centres at various ebm‑papst locations worldwide. In our gas laboratory, our EMC laboratories and our aerodynamics & acoustics test benches, we gain a wealth of knowledge about the behaviour of our products under real-life conditions.

With our comprehensive knowledge, we are constantly improving the product development process and the service life of our products.

At the testing centre in Mulfingen-Hollenbach, Germany, for example, several hundred test specimens are pushed to their limits every year on an area of around 2,500 square metres.

New products, sizes or individual components such as motors or impellers pass through the test stations in a total of 6 test bays. These include different physical or chemical influences such as temperature, humidity, salt water or vibration, which can be of natural or civilised origin.

Our products already fall below the strictest energy limits of tomorrow. We are constantly improving their durability, reusability, upgradability and reparability. We optimise our materials and processes for maximum environmental compatibility, a positive energy balance, a significantly longer service life and resource efficiency right from the design phase.

The development of our RadiPac is an example of our ambitious goals in the development of new products. Since the first generation in 1954 with a consumption of 7.5 kW, we have been able to increase efficiency. In 2021, the 3rd generation of the RadiPac will only need 4.2 kW.

We pursue a sustainable approach not only with our products. Resource and energy efficiency starts with our production facilities and production processes. One example of this is the production plant in Hollenbach, Germany, which was built in 2007 and expanded in 2014.

We also rely on our creative young talent to come up with good ideas: in practical projects - such as the construction of a vertical farm - our young people learn how added value is generated in a practical way. By cooperating with universities, we pass on expertise and keep our finger on the pulse of current research. And with our support for regional projects, such as the German "Jugend forscht" format, we ensure that the ideas of schoolchildren are heard and seen.


Fresh vegetables from the heart of the city

Artisan Green grows leafy vegetables in the middle of Singapore. In the company’s vertical gardening farm, it is growing spinach and other leafy vegetables under controlled conditions. A special air filter with EC fan produces the ideal climate for the young green plants.