Filter-fan-units in cleanrooms

More than just moving air

The demands on filter-fan-units in cleanroom technology are significant

Special rooms come with special demands. In cleanroom operation, this means clean air with a high air exchange rate, sufficient pressure, exact temperature and humidity control, and air quality that is always consistent. To achieve all this, powerful ventilation systems (filter-fan-units) are required.

Filter-fan-units are used to supply production and filling facilities with ultra-clean air. They are mainly employed in ceiling-mounted systems in clean rooms in chip factories, bottle filling or plastic mold-ing facilities, the pharmaceutical industry and microstructure technology. These applications need everything to work together perfectly with reliable and durable fans.

These units made up of filter technology and fan ensure the required recirculating air mode. They also prevent contamination in the air and damage or impairments when producing sensitive products. In addition, ebm‑papst FFUs are extremely quiet, satisfying the strict noise protection conditions for production in clean rooms.

The advantages of FFU products from ebm‑papst in clean rooms:

A controlled cleanroom atmosphere is produced by a ventilation system that regulates the supply of clean fresh air, in order to keep the particle content of the air to a minimum.

  • Expanded functionality for autoaddressing through MODBUS DCI
  • Faster and easier installation

  • Simple system monitoring via MODBUS RTU interface 

  • 6-7 dB quieter compared with the previous industry standard
  • Complies with strict noise protection conditions

  • Efficiency of over 55%
  • 10% lower power consumption compared with the previous market standard

Best performance in every detail


High performance impeller

High efficiency

  • Aerodynamically optimized
  • Profiled blade geometry for maximum efficiency

Quiet operation

  •  6 to 7 dB lower noise emissions than the industry standard

Optimum materials

  • High-performance impeller made of resistant plastic composite material
  • Compatible with cleanrooms
  • Fire class HB or 5 VA as per UL94
  • Alternatively with aluminum impeller

Connector Board

Easy to connect

  • 2 x RJ45 network socket, use of CAT5 network cables possible
  • Power supply via Wieland GST 18/3  plug system
  • Version with and without built-in mains switch

 Quick information

  • 2 x LEDs for status signaling

Greentech EC motor

High efficiency

  • High energy efficiency and low thermal load

Unbeatably compact

  • Impeller mounted directly on rotor

Soft commutation

  • Patented process for quiet and efficient operation
  • High, acoustically imperceptible cycle frequency

Long service life

  • Brushless commutation
  • Insulated bearing system to prevent bearing currents
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Bearing service life L10h > 100,000 h thanks to 
  • the motor being well cooled in the air flow and low motor heating at Tu 23°C and nominal air quantity of the FFU

Can be used all over the world

  • Wide voltage input with active PFC

Fan installation module

Easy to fit

  • Ready-to-connect systems that are tested at the factory: 
  • EC centrifugal impeller with cable and connector board


  • Fully assembled fan installation module incl. nozzle plate, motor support plate, 4 profile struts and guard grill as shown in illustration

Which FFU solution would you like?

Whether analog or digital, our various interfaces make every connection simple, secure, and fast. 

MODBUS / 0-10 V combination input for digital or analog control with MODBUS RTU or potentiom-eter

For fan units with MODBUS/0–10 V, the set value source can be changed from 0–10 V (factory set-ting) to MODBUS RTU. This series can be controlled both with an (analog) 0–10 V signal and with MODBUS (digital).

  • Speed control possible with potentiometer or any 0–10V source, e.g. laminar flow con-troller
  • Remote querying of any 0–10V sensor (e. g. pressure) connected to the analog 0–10V input of the fan
  • Speed setting using any MODBUS RTU master

MODBUS / DCI autoaddressing function for cleanroom

Fans with MODBUS/DCI interface can be addressed via a voltage signal of 15 V/24 V DC (Init pin at pin 8 of the RJ45 plug).

Only the unit activated with the Init pin listens to messages sent to slave address 247 and accepts a new MODBUS address written by the master control to this 247 address. After a unit is successfully addressed its DC relay is switched on and the 15 V/24 V Init pin is forwarded to the next fan module in the chain.

This fan is now activated via the hardware signal (Init pin) and address-ing continues as described above. 



EC-Control for the parameterization and monitoring of small cleanrooms



USB relay box for digital group control and group alarm display



USB RS485 subinterface STIXL from Hjelmslund


Hand-held terminal from vbk

Hand-held terminal from vbk with ebmBUS and MODBUS support


Monitoring and control solution

Monitoring and control solution, wall unit or built-in cabinet device from vbk


ACF300 Area Controller and ACC8 Room Environmental Controller

ACF300 area controller and ACC8 room environmental controller with BMS connection from AirCare


Wachendorff / Weintek IoT-Gateway

Wachendorff/Weintek IoT gateway for translating MODBUS-RTU into higher-level (server-based) protocols OPC-UA, MQTT and BACnet IP



RS485 repeater to expand the number of RS485 devices per RS485 segment


Transparent gateway

• Transparent gateway for connection to SPS/DDC devices that only support MODBUS TCP. 

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