Driving steering system ArgoDrive

ArgoDrive is the innovative driving steering system
for automated guided vehicles (AGV) for omnidirectional movement

ebmpapst product image ArgoDrive

Whether it’s intralogistics, production, or the medical sector, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are in high demand in a wide range of fields, especially if they can move in any direction (meaning they can save space), react flexibly to obstacles, and lift large weights. Our ArgoDrive driving steering system enables all this and more. It includes two motors, steering, transmission, one wheel module, sensors, and industry-compatible BUS connections and impresses with its extremely compact dimensions.

ebm papst driving steering system image map ArgoDrive

Two motors

Both are responsible for driving (up to 3 m/s), steering, accelerating, and braking (up to 2.5 m/s2) the vehicle and therefore allow the product to retain its extremely compact design. The steering angle is continuously monitored, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to safety.

BUS interfaces

Profinet with Profisafe (STO, SLS, SDI), CANopen and EtherCAT (STO hardwired) with external controller for simple plug & play and secure communication.

Compact, robust housing

Length times width just 250 x 170 mm. It can be mounted flexibly on the guided vehicle and is extremely robust.

360° wheel module

Good to go in any direction and is easy to replace. Three diameters to choose from: for 100 up to 500 kg per wheel module and up to 10% incline.

Supports safety functions

Redundant sensor signals, separate steering angle measurement and safety indicators (MTTF values for sensors, B10 value for brake). Brake system with emergency stop function.

ebmpapst free range driving sketch ArgoDrive

omnidirectional movement

ArgoDrive moves the AGV freely in any direction, swivels and turns it from a standstill, and stops it in front of obstacles or steers it safely past then.

ebmpapst precise positioning sketch ArgoDrive

Precise positioning

ArgoDrive steers the AGV with pinpoint precision and parks it accurately.

ebmpapst small installation height sketch ArgoDrive

Small installation height

Three wheel diameters (80, 100, 145 mm) for different requirements and loads from 100 to 500 kg per driving steering system.

ebmpapst compact dimensions sketch ArgoDrive

Compact dimensions

Space-saving design, no matter which version – Light, Standard, or Heavy: 250 x 170 mm

ebmpapst loads up to 2t sketch ArgoDrive

Loads up to 2 t

Automated guided vehicles with four ArgoDrive Heavy units can carry a load of up to two tons, which corresponds to a fully loaded Euro pallet.

ebmpapst fixed cables sketch ArgoDrive

Fixed cables

Direct connections with fixed cables prevent contact errors in the electrical interface and ensure a high level of safety and availability.

Suitable for your requirements

Three versions - Overview of all differences

Performance data
Light Standard Heavy
Type AD-80.7 AD-100.12 AS-145.25
Productnumber 446.92 002 446.92 102 446.92 202
Wheel diameter mm 80 100 145
max. load per wheel kg 100 300 500
Installation heigt mm 103 123 205
Ground clearance to gearbox mm 26 45,5 128
Ground clearance to brake disk mm 11 12 14