Spur gears

Very high power density

Spur gears from ebm-papst are characterized by their space-saving design and extremely smooth operation. They are available in two powerful product series. Both the Flatline and Compactline transmissions impress by their outstanding value for money. Spur gears have a simple design, and can be combined with both VD/VDC and BCI motors.

Spur gears compactline

All your advantages at a glance:  

  • Very high power density
  • Compact, shallow design
  • Broad range of reduction ratios
  • Great radial loads permissible
  • Good price/performance ratio

Current series and their strengths

In the first stage, spur gears have helical plastic impellers to achieve optimum noise suppression. The following gear stages are optimally designed with regard to running noise and the transmitted torque. Hardened and ground output shafts and hardened gear wheels are standard in all Flatline and Compactline transmissions. Die-cast zinc is used as the housing material. 

Spur gears Flatline


 Flatline transmissions are designed for use in applications with a limited installation length.

Spur gears Compactline


The transmissions in the Compactline series are focused on the largest possible impeller width, particularly in the first stage, as a means of noise reduction. This ensures good overlap between the motor shaft and the intermeshing gear wheel. 

Industrial drive technology

Whatever the combination – you win!

Individualized drive solution in 48 hours – orders of at least 1 unit