Efficient components and systems
for heating technology

ebm-papst in heating technology

Since creating the world's first gas blower for heating technology, we have been the market leader of efficient components and complete, perfectly coordinated systems ever since. To date we are the only company in the world to develop blowers, venturis, valves and combustion controllers together with our customers and supply everything as a full package. Enjoy the benefits of our well established and constantly updated technology combined with unique system expertise.


Heating technology systems and components for residential buildings

Our system solutions for private households cover a range of up to 50 kW. In addition to high efficiency, our systems also excel with a compact design, long service life, high modulation levels and intelligent features such as predictive maintenance. They are quiet and reliable. They are perfect for use in pure heating applications but also for solutions in hybrid systems where gas boilers and heat pumps work together, for example.

Heating technology systems and components for commercial and large-scale applications

Whether it’s for small workshops or large-scale industrial heating systems, ebm‑papst offers the right installation solutions, from single boilers to cascade systems. Our efficient EC centrifugal fans, gas valves and system solutions are perfectly tuned to every application.

A unique, compact blower is at the peak of our range of service portfolio, achieving up to 4 MW. That’s enough to heat a high-rise building or a housing development with 200 residential units.


Our solutions for different applications

Heat pumps

Today's heating systems demand ideas based on renewable energies, which is why heat pumps are becoming ever more popular.

gas condensing unit and an electrical heat pump are combined

The best of both worlds Hybrid systems allow you to make highly efficient use of two different energy sources


Modern gas condensing technology helps households to emit much less CO2 and save money.


Supply apartment blocks, schools, hotels and large industrial plants with heat and hot water efficiently, while saving on costs and keeping emissions low.


The right fans for wood pellet and wood chip heating systems.


Maximum power with minimal noise generation – guaranteed by ebm‑papst tangential blowers for electric heaters.


Clean energy for the future – economical, efficient, and quiet thanks to ebm‑papst.


Heating like the sun