Efficient fans and drive concepts for rail technology. 

Everything in motion. 

The world is changing. And with it, the way we get around. Rising energy and raw material prices mean that rail is becoming more attractive as a means of transport. 

So it’s good that with our EC fans and drive concepts for rail technology, we are playing a key role in making journeys more pleasant, comfortable and safe. For passengers and staff alike. 

Our energy-efficient, compact fans for ventilation systems create a pleasant climate in the passenger compartment and driver's cab. Modern drives ensure that train doors open and close noiselessly and safely. Motors on windshield wipers provide a clear view all along the line. And our innovative and sustainable solutions are also used in boarding aids and variable frequency drive and electronic cooling systems. 

Across all applications, we see ourselves as your technology partner for the development and production of optimal rail technology solutions. Below you can find out more about our product systems, their strengths and the benefits of working with ebm‑papst. 

This is where our sustainable solutions help to ensure a good journey by train, tram or subway: 


The driver's cab and passenger compartment are air-conditioned so that both drivers and passengers reach their destinations in comfort. This makes traveling and working on trains more pleasant and enjoyable. The necessary air is conveyed by our axial and centrifugal fans, which are specially designed to meet the requirements of rail technology. They are particularly energy-saving, low-noise and offer high pressure consistency. What’s more, they can be easily and individually controlled and are, of course, also vibration and shock tested. All fans can be connected to the relevant on-board power supply. 


If door systems in subways, commuter trains, or even high-speed trains malfunction, it is annoying, inconvenient, and expensive. That's why our door drives ensure that train doors open and close smoothly, silently, quickly and safely without barriers. Depending on the requirements, planetary gear units, combinations of angular and planetary gear units or special gear units are used for this task. All solutions are characterized by their enormous reliability and speed accuracy.


Converters convert the high voltage of overhead lines so that it can be used for the various consumers on the train. Since heat is generated during conversion, the converter must be cooled. Our durable RadiCal centrifugal fan does this with ease - in a low-noise and electromagnetically compatible way.  


Boarding aids make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the train, thereby providing increased comfort and accessibility. A three-stage spur gear extends sliding steps and holds them in the required position. Special angular gearboxes with combined planetary and crown gearhead technology are used to retract and extend folding steps and moving ramps. 

Rail electronics are subjected to different levels of stress in different running conditions. In addition, any power losses that occur for power generation, transmission and distribution must be dissipated quickly and efficiently. The technology required for cooling must be correspondingly flexible and, above all, consistently effective. 

Our energy- and space-saving fans are ideally suited for this purpose. They are quiet, durable, and can be used in a wide range of configurations and performance classes. Across all versions, they feature impressive electromagnetic compatibility, high pressure stability and bus control capability. 

We ensure our competitive edge through the perfect interaction of all components. 

For our pioneering application solutions, we always consider the perfect interaction of motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics – and not just the individual components. This enables us to make optimum and highly efficient use of air and motion, as well as intelligent connections. Whether in confined spaces, large dimensions or under extreme environmental conditions. 

We use our many years of experience when designing our products to bring benefits to you in the relevant application-specific environment. We use real conditions to perfectly hone our solutions to meet the requirements of rail technology. We attach great importance to the seemingly smallest details on the fan blades, fan wheels and drives. The result is significant improvements in terms of efficiency and noise. Our many years of industry expertise make us the ideal engineering partner and innovative system manufacturer of drive and fan solutions for rail technology. 


Perfect for out and about.
The AxiEco Track for railway technology. 

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Efficiency requirements and standards

It goes without saying that our fans meet all the necessary efficiency requirements and standards for use in rail vehicles:

  • EN 45545 2:2020 Fire protection on railway vehicles
    The fans satisfy the requirements of HL3 (certified by TÜV Süd). The fire protection requirements of the entire system must be assessed separately. 
  • EN 50121-3-2: 2016 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 50155: 2017 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • IEC 61373: 2010 Shock and vibration tests
    The fans are tested in accordance with Category 1B. The entire system must be tested separately. 
  • EN 15085-1/3: 2013 Welding of railway vehicles and components Weld quality CPC3

You can find all details on our product solutions for rail technology in our product catalog.

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”

The catalog contains:

  • All fans and drive concepts for rail technology
  • Performance data and dimensions
  • Accessories
  • Connection diagrams 

AxiEco Track

The entire series impresses with its robust, compact and extremely low-noise design. In sizes 300, 400, 450 and 500, the AxiEco Track meets all industry-relevant standards.

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The new AxiForce compact fan series ensures that sensitive future technologies are effectively protected. And noise emissions are kept nicely within limits. 

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Not only strength, but also brains: The new DiaForce has a conical cover plate that rotates with it. The outlet opening is larger than the intake opening. The air flows through the fan in both an axial and a radial direction, enabling a high pressure increase.

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Double centrifugal blower for rail applications


DC Motor BCI and angular gearboxes

Our angular gearboxes feature innovative crown gearhead technology – enabling strong, compact, durable and highly efficient transmission solutions that can be produced very economically. 

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DC Motor ECI and Performax®Plus planetary gear

Performax®Plus stands for smooth operation and powerful performance. This is made possible by helical planetary gears made of high-strength plastic combined with a hardened ring gear in the output stage.

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