Quick and easy integration of ebm‑papst fans into Profinet or Profibus networks: with the tailored Anybus Communicator from HMS Industrial Networks (HMS).

Approved Controller
Approved Controller

With the Anybus Communicator, serial devices, such as ebm-papst fans equipped with a Modbus RTU interface as standard, can be integrated into a Profibus/Profinet network without major programming. Connection to other industrial networks is also possible.

The customized Anybus Communicator performs intelligent protocol conversion, and provides the serial data to the higher-level control system as I/O data. HMS has developed a custom unit specially for ebm-papst to ensure easy access by the control system to the ebm-papst industrial fan series. The Communicator supports the actuation of up to 32 fans, which can be easily implemented in your controller using a specific device description file.

HMS ensures that automation units can communicate with one another. Whether drive units, variable frequency drives, welding controllers, or robots. HMS technology is used worldwide to interconnect field devices and integrate them into industrial networks.

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