Go for no. 1 
with RadiCal 2

The best in its class. 

The RadiCal series has been designed for minimum energy consumption and top performance. To ensure that applications in ventilation and air-conditioning technology continue to benefit from these strengths in future, the entire series has been further developed. The result is a new RadiCal generation that is more economical, more powerful, and more flexible than ever before.

Discover the new champion: the 2nd generation of RadiCal centrifugal fans.

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in efficiency.

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in efficiency.

Improved aerodynamics and compact design mean that the power consumption of the size 190 RadiCal 2 is 29 watts lower than its predecessor at the same operating point (525 m³/h at 550 Pa). For you, this means an energy saving of 17%. 

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in noise behavior.

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in noise behavior.

Thanks to its optimized flow control, the RadiCal 2 with its innovative blade geometry is a full 3 dB(A) quieter in size 190. And that’s despite the fact that it can handle more air than its predecessor in the same size. 

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in compactness.

Radical 2. The new no. 1 in compactness.

The new RadiCal 2 has more power than its predecessor with the same dimensions. As a result, you may well be able to get by with a smaller size for your application than before – thereby saving valuable installation space. Why not find out?

All the advantages at a glance 

  • Enlarged intake diameter for higher filling level
  • Rounded blade inlet edges for optimized noise behavior
  • Rounded blade outlet edges for low-loss air flow
  • Wavy cover plate for minimum air flow disturbance
  • Profiled housing struts

  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduced bearing currents
  • Improved EMC behavior
  • Enhanced tightness
  • Lower noise

  • Reduces noise even with symmetrical inflow
  • Unmodified air performance and low power consumption
  • Integrated guard grill
  • Easy to install

Possible areas of application


Electronic control cabinets

The increase in air flow means that even a smaller size can achieve the desired air performance. This saves valuable installation space.

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Heat pumps

Due to the redesigned impeller and module, there is less turbulence and consequently up to 3 dB(A) less noise.

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Residential ventilation units

The optimized noise behavior and lower power consumption mean that you save twice: on both energy and noise.

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Air purifiers

Especially when devices are used in continuous operation, energy costs can be significantly reduced due to the 29 W reduction in power consumption.

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Everything you need to know about the new RadiCal:
Now in the brochure. 

Zwei Broschüren mit dem Titel „Auch mit den Baugrößen 630 und 710 das Optimum herausholen? Yes! AxiBlade – Your ebm-papst solution“

Info pack with technical details on:

  • Characteristic curve maps
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 


What GreenIntelligence means for you:

It means that we raise your applications to a completely new level by adding new value that goes far beyond the purely physical capabilities of individual fans or drives.

Think of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance or self-optimizing processes. ebm-papst makes all of this possible today – with complete solutions featuring smart networking capabilities, for example in the new RadiCal.


  • All necessary hardware and software components from a single supplier
  • Monitoring of motor and ambient temperature
  • Precise adjustment of air flow and operating point
  • Control and monitoring via 0-10 V / PWM (MODBUS-RTU as an option)
  • Fan acts as a sensor
  • Warning and/or shutdown in the event of continuous imbalance

Better air. Better life.

Better air. Better life.

Creating a healthy environment for better comfort and productivity with indoor air quality.

Everything in the dry range: roof ventilation with EC technology

Everything in the dry range: roof ventilation with EC technology

Vilpe Sense from Finnish company Vilpe detects water damage in roofs before it occurs. The system dissipates excess moisture to the outside, by using an EC centrifugal fan from ebm‑papst.

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