RadiMix up to 150 kW
Spectacularly compact, quiet and efficient

The ideal mix
during combustion

Modern gas condensing units are known for their good energy utilization. Our RadiMix platform gas blowers supply the optimal amount and composition of gas and air in any operating status and ambient conditions. This is the only way to guarantee highly efficient combustion. All RadiMix blowers are based on the same motor platform and, therefore, the same technology. This platform concept comes with a whole host of advantages.

RadiMix up to 150 kW

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High power density and improved overall efficiency compared to existing solutions



Much quieter than existing solutions

Variant reduction

Variant reduction

Less warehousing thanks to reduced variants up to a heat output of 150 kW and less qualification work



In future, as a complete system featuring particularly efficient and clean combustion control and LIN system communication

The new platform

All RadiMix blowers are based on the same motor platform and, therefore, the same technology. The various sizes use many of the same components. This translates into a whole host of benefits for you.

RadiMix in use

RadiMix gas blowers supply condensing units with the perfect amount and composition of gas and air. They are ideal for the gas-condensing units used for heating modern residential buildings. These condensing units can adapt perfectly to the heat requirements in each case. 

For example, when the whole family needs hot water to shower in the morning, the high performance is there, and at night the heating system reduces its output, which is good for the environment and lowers the heating costs. With their high modulation bandwidth, our RadiMix gas blowers meet these requirements brilliantly.

H2 ready!

Green hydrogen could become the clean energy source for the heating technology sector, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection. For households to be able to use this clean gas, they first need the right framework conditions. There are already many initiatives in Europe aimed at replacing natural gas as an energy source, including in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, the right technologies must be in place.

We are ready for this new heating energy and offer numerous solutions for the use of hydrogen in heating technology.

We also invest in H2-ready technologies. Like our new gas laboratory, for example. And we are working on a system that can work with 100 percent hydrogen.

The RadiMix VG 71 and VG 100 have been tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for 20 percent hydrogen.

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Flexible and compact
RadiMix gas blowers are perfect for heating modern buildings. Frank Schlopakowski, Head of Design Department R&D at ebm-papst, explains why.