vbk technology

The vbk manual controls are used to control and configure ebm‑papst EC fans with RS485 hardware-based interfaces (ebmBus, MODBUS).

vbk cmd hand held control element

The device can be used for field service tasks or for parameterization purposes in laboratories and on production lines. It is also fully network-capable, meaning it can also be fully functional in complex structures involving multiple EC drives. For ease of use, a reduced basic data set with a limited range of functions is also provided.

The devices feature a high-performance Li-ion battery with a special charging circuit (connected via mini-USB), full graphical display with lighting, real-time clock, easy menu guidance, and a state-of-the-art operating concept based on a combination turn knob/pushbutton. The “Scan network” function with subsequent monitor display of the connected devices is an ideal operator access point.

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