Retrofitting fans
There is more and more interest in energy-efficient
fan solutions on the market.

Fan replacement by ebm-papst

Fixed-speed asynchronous motors are still often implemented to drive fans in the refrigeration, air conditioning and building services sector. But these have one major drawback: relatively poor efficiency. This has negatively effects energy consumption in virtually all applications.

Cubic metal housing with partially visible fan and mirroring, slight lateral view

There is a way to save energy: ebm‑papst can replace fans that use AC motors and are usually inefficient with highly efficient EC technology in the same mechanical design. Switching from AC to EC fans not only benefits the environment and cuts operating costs, it also enhances comfort.


Simple and reliable fan replacement
- with a plug & play approach -


Advantages of EC fans

EC motors are extremely efficient, unbeatably compact and operate very smoothly. Their efficiency levels are always superior to common asynchronous motors. The energy-saving motor’s efficiency levels already far surpasses efficiency class IE4. And it is considerably quieter than conventional belt-driven AC fans.

The EC motor is equipped with control electronics, permitting precise adjustment of the air volume to suit requirements. It is also offers advantages in terms of EMC issues, and the unit only has to be connected to one supply point. EC motors have established themselves as fan drives in many fields. The term “EC motor” is often used for different concepts, but one thing is always the same: The way that GreenTech EC motors from ebm-papst are designed makes critical rare-earth magnets unnecessary.

Retrofit fast forward

An EC to EC retrofit not only makes sense from an energy point of view - ebm‑papst achieves energy savings of 10 - 15% when retrofitting EC systems in-house.

A higher level of intelligence

The use of the latest generation of EC fans brings further advantages: Replacement is relatively simple, as the installation sizes are generally identical, and the new EC fans have a higher level of intelligence. Integration into the building management system, the connection of sensors and thus needs-based utilisation or even data-driven added value such as predictive maintenance can be realised.

Higher efficiency. Lower costs.

Demands placed on sustainable ventilation technology are constantly growing. Only one thing can help: replacing AC fans with GreenTech EC fans. By doing so, you will increase efficiency, save space and reduce costs. Read our brochure to find out how we ensure this and what other benefits it offers you.

Efficient cooling towers for better battery building

Efficient cooling towers for better battery building

At LG Energy Solution in Oksan-myeon, South Korea, some cooling towers are getting on in years. ebm‑papst is bringing a breath of fresh air to the battery manufacturer’s site by retrofitting it with modern EC fans.

Cool energy savings thanks to retrofit

Cool energy savings thanks to retrofit

The ventilation system in the speed skating rink at Berlin’s Sportforum sports complex still used old belt-driven fans. They consumed a lot of electricity, made a lot of noise and if they failed, the entire system came to a standstill. High time for an upgrade to efficient RadiPac fans.

Fifteen FanGrid for Fresenius Kabi retrofit in Sweden

Fifteen FanGrid for Fresenius Kabi retrofit in Sweden

Fresenius Kabi is working on its climate footprint. Part of these efforts is a retrofit at the Uppsala site with more than 150 fans being replaced. This will deliver energy savings of 30 percent per year for the company. Thanks to the redundancy of the FanGrid solution, the company no longer has to fear stoppages costing hundreds of thousands of euros.