Adapt to the future: 
with CleanEco and CleanVario.

Save energy consumption and costs 

Economical and ecologically efficient gas condensing technology is more in demand than ever before. This is thanks to your customers, who want to save energy and costs. But it is also down to the world’s focus on reducing CO2emissions to prevent climate change.

Now is the time for combustion control systems from ebm-papst.

Flexible, powerful, future-proof: With the CleanEco and CleanVario complete systems, you can benefit from perfectly synchronized components that reliably ensure clean, sustainable and highly efficient combustion for the boiler’s entire service life.


All the advantages at a glance

  • Stable gas-air mixture irrespective of counter-pressure and modified exhaust gas resistance
  • High modulation up to 1:10
  • Fast power modulation
  • Adjustable excess air values over the entire modulation range
  • Hygienic combustion monitoring via flame signal Monitoring

  • Clean combustion for the entire service life
  • The burner starts and operates reliably
  • Flexible timing of gas to air ratio over the entire modulation range
  • Detection of gas families and automatic adaptation to installation conditions (e.g. different exhaust pipe lengths)
  • Steady boiler output irrespective of the installation

H2 ready!

Green hydrogen could become the clean energy source for the heating technology sector, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection. For households to be able to use this clean gas, they first need the right framework conditions. There are already many initiatives in Europe aimed at replacing natural gas as an energy source, including in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

H2-ready! Wir bieten zahlreiche Lösungen zum Einsatz von Wasserstoff in der Heiztechnik.

In addition to this, the right technologies must be in place.

We are ready for this new heating energy and offer numerous solutions for the use of hydrogen in heating technology.

We also invest in H2-ready technologies. Like our new gas laboratory, for example. And we are working on a system that can work with 100 percent hydrogen.

The CleanEco and CleanVario combustion controls are ready for use with H2-ready components.

Our system solution expertise

More information for download

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”

Would you like to find out more about the operating principle, the product range and process technologies surrounding CleanEco and CleanVario? 

Would you like more detailed information about the system components, such as the boiler control unit (BCU), or about the option of intelligently networked communication via LIN bus?

Innovative technology:
the RadiMix gas blower series.

Choosing a suitable gas blower plays a key role within the combustion system. ebm-papst is the market leader in this field and, with the RadiMix platform, offers a solution that is powerful, efficient and highly adaptable in every respect. 

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