blowers for solid fuel burners

Blowers for solid-fuel burners

Durable and controllable

Induced draft fans – They extract the hot exhaust gases from biomass stoves or heaters and convey them to the chimney. They can withstand high temperatures. The EC version is particularly efficient: here, the suction power can be optimally adapted to the relevant heating load.

Tangential blowers for convection heat – Due to their design, tangential blowers generate a laminar and broad air flow. This ensures pleasant heat throughout the entire room at lightning speed. They are also durable and operate extremely quietly.

Combustion blowers – Centrifugal fans with AC and EC technology contribute towards hygienic combustion of the biomass energy source. The advantage of EC centrifugal fans is that their speed can be controlled. This means that the air volume can be optimally adapted to the requirements.

blowers for solid fuel burners

The advantages of ebm‑papst blowers for solid-fuel burners at a glance:

  • High thermal resistance
  • Low noise generation
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Compact design
  • Complete solutions from a single source

Induced draft fan VSW0140

Optimally adapted to the heating load.


Supply air blower VHS0140

Quiet and economical.


Recirculation fan VTS0065

Pleasant air throughout the room.

Application areas of solid-fuel burners


Renewable energies for heating purposes are high on the agenda. As a result, environmentally friendly heating with biomass heating systems is becoming ever more attractive, whether that is with firewood, wood chips or pellets.

Whether it is a boiler or stove, the components used in them face very specific challenges: the air performances must be in tune with the relevant heating power and must be suitable for all possible operating conditions, and it must also be economical – with limited installation space and a wide range of installation conditions. ebm‑papst has more than 15 years of experience in this field, and therefore provides excellent application expertise and optimal components when it comes to size, performance, and cost efficiency.

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Catalog for blowers for solid-fuel burners from ebm-papst

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