The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused an immense amount of suffering. 
The World Health Organization is already calling it the worst European natural disaster in a century and continues to call for aid. Fan manufacturer ebm‑papst based in Mulfingen initiated aid measures immediately after the disaster and is coordinating them together with its subsidiary in Turkey.

"We want to provide help there with a quick, pragmatic and optimal approach. That's why the Executive Management Board (Group Executive Board) and the shareholders at ebm‑papst decided to take part in aid campaigns for Turkey and Syria with a donation of 100,000 euros, in addition to our employees' donations," explains Dr. Sonja Fleischer, Managing Director of the ebm‑papst Group. 

"We have decided to divide the donation sum equally between the organization 'UNICEF Nothilfe Syrien - For children in need' and our subsidiary in Turkey. Our Turkish colleagues can guarantee the best possible coordination of donations on the ground", says Fleischer.

"Our employees at ebm‑papst Turkey are not directly affected by the earthquake, but we are all deeply shocked by this disaster in our country and in Syria. Over 15 million people have been affected. We immediately began to provide support locally and will use the promised donation to help those affected on the ground," says Firat Burak Aslan, Managing Director of ebm‑papst Turkey.

Employees at ebm‑papst have also been making private donations of items and money, and their commitment is continuing to increase. That's why ebm‑papst has compiled an internal list of aid organizations that provide direct support on the ground and that urgently need donations. With this, the world market leader is trying to help those affected and to reduce suffering in Syria and Turkey.

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