Ever more powerful electronics are required in data centers, communications technology, and other industrial applications in order to process increasingly large flows of data. At the same time, more packing density and computing power are required in increasingly compact spaces: electronics cooling is increasingly becoming a challenge. Present axial compact fans are now often reaching the limits of their capacities, since aerodynamic resistance increases as devices become more and more compact. The new AxiTwin 100 compact fan has no problem meeting these requirements.

With the AxiTwin 100, ebm‑papst has adopted a new approach and designed a fan with a two-stage contra-rotating system. With an edge dimension of just 10 cm, it ensures reliable heat dissipation, enables air performances of well over 500 m3 per hour at a maximum static pressure increase of 1,300 Pa, opening up new frontiers in electronics cooling.

Contra-rotating rotors with an innovative flange
The compact fan consists of two rotors connected by a patented flange. It has a newly developed flow geometry thanks to its two consecutive rows of blades. The first rotor is primarily responsible for air flow, while the second ensures pressure increase. A major advantage of the contra-rotating fan principle is the reduction of the speed component of the air flow in the circumferential direction. The comparatively small surfaces of the blades increase efficiency. The innovative flange links the stages of the two fans vibrationally in such a way that each stage attenuates the vibrations of the other. Its aluminum composition guarantees a high level of rigidity while also ensuring good heat dissipation.

GreenTech EC motors as the driving force
The two integrated three-phase motors each have a motor power of up to 180 W. The energy-efficient EC drives operate with a high level of efficiency in partial and full-load operation and are also designed for continuous operation. The newly developed 300-W electronics are installed in the corners of the housing for even better heat dissipation. Standardized signal inputs such as PWM input or analog control input, as well as tach/alarm output signals, can be integrated individually as required.

Cooling the cloud
The AxiTwin 100 comes into its own in applications with a high demand for cooling with a low amount of installation space available. The high-performance compact fan is used in many cutting-edge technologies. With an edge dimension of 10 cm and a depth of 9 cm, four of these fans can be integrated into a 19" rack and used for cooling in blade servers. Other fields of application include cooling high-performance super computers, such as those used for block chain technologies.

AxiTwin 100 – The new power fan for high-performance electronics from ebm-papst.
AxiTwin 100 – The new power fan for high-performance electronics from ebm-papst.