EuroTier is the world's leading trade show for livestock farming professionals. This year, it will be held exclusively online from February 9 to February 12, 2021. ebm-papst is an exhibitor at the trade show for the first time and is presenting energy-saving and robust axial fans for use in livestock farming.

Breeding and feeding barns in particular have to have optimal ventilation and be temperature-controlled because there are strict requirements for ventilation in barns. According to DIN 18910, the air velocity in pig barns must not exceed 0.2 m/s in winter and 0.6 m/s in summer. Barn air also contains aggressive ammonia, among other things. 

Highly corrosion-resistant

Fans from ebm-papst are particularly resistant to corrosion, making them ideally suited to this application. They ensure uniform air flow through the barn and remove ammonia gases from the barn. Alongside being as quiet as possible, uniform air throughput plays an important role. Thanks to the EC fans’ speed control, this is no problem: they can be steplessly controlled at the same high level of efficiency. The EC motor (EC = Electronically Commutated) is a permanent-magnet synchronous motor operated with integrated power electronics. This means that any speed can be achieved without an additional variable frequency drive, irrespective of the mains frequency used. 

Energy savings and noise reduction in partial-load operation

Speed reduction can be used to adjust the air volume to the requirements. At high outside temperatures during the day, the fans work at full load; when less air is needed at night, the fans switch to partial-load operation. This method is much more efficient than switching on and shutting-off individual fans, like has been common practice so far. It also has a positive impact on the service life of the fans. EC fans from ebm-papst are particularly energy-saving and, thanks to optimized aerodynamics, not only meet the requirements of the ErP Directive: they are even more reliable in some cases, making them fit for the future.

Well protected

EC axial fans especially for use in barns’ fresh air and exhaust chimneys will be among the things that ebm-papst will be presenting at EuroTier. The fan’s aerodynamically shaped HyBlade blades consist of an aluminum supporting structure with a covering of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The electronics housing is die-cast aluminum, the four struts are made of steel that is coated with a special plastic layer that protects against corrosion. The fan is therefore ideally protected against aggressive vapors.

ebm-papst tickets to EuroTier

Participation in EuroTier digital from February 9 to February 12, 2021 is subject to a charge. Vouchers for entrance tickets can be obtained via ebm-papst at LINK. This is then redeemed via

EC axial fans with struts are particularly corrosion-resistant and are used in barns’ fresh air and exhaust chimneys.
EC axial fans with struts are particularly corrosion-resistant and are used in barns’ fresh air and exhaust chimneys.