New top performer With its VG 450, ebm-papst is introducing its most powerful centrifugal blower yet with EC technology for premix gas boilers. Now, with only a single compact blower, manufacturers can reach heating output of up to 4 megawatts, enough to heat large buildings or housing developments with several hundred units. Such output previously called for the use of multiple cascaded condensing boilers, i.e. boilers operating in series. Now a single boiler is enough, which reduces costs for installation, operation and maintenance. Great performance in a compact package The blower is very compact and is driven by a powerful and energy-efficient GreenTech EC motor. Its impeller and housing are made of aluminum and have been aerodynamically optimized and adapted to the characteristics of the motor, enabling speeds of up to 4,250 rpm. Thanks to its high modulation level and smooth speed control, the VG 450 is very flexible. Easy integration with MODBUS Among others, MODBUS serves as an interface for transmitting control signals; this open communications standard has established itself worldwide as a solution for open-loop control of actuators and sensors. This simplifies the integration of third-party components in the bus system. Local heating: the new trend Space-saving, environmentally friendly and powerful gas-powered central heating units are gaining in importance with growing demand for local heating networks, which do not need to transport heating water over such long distances as In district heating networks and thus have minimal heat losses. In addition, the infrastructure for decentralized heating solutions is less complex. All told, this makes local heating supply more energy-efficient and economical for large buildings such as hospitals or apartment blocks and also for housing developments. With the VG 450, planners now have an entirely new set of options.