Smart and efficient centrifugal fans for residential and industrial ventilation
Smart and efficient centrifugal fans for residential and industrial ventilation

In addition to the existing sizes 190 and 225, smaller models in sizes 133 and 160 (24 to 165 W) - ideal for installation in compact residential ventilation units - are now available.

Efficient and quiet
The scroll housing on the centrifugal fans has an outlet with a round cross section for direct attachment to the pipe fitting on the unit’s air outlet. Flow losses are reduced, air performance remains pressure-insensitive, and efficiency rises by as much as 34% over centrifugal blowers of the same design while noise emission is significantly reduced by about 3.5 dB(A).

Vane anemometer for integrated air flow measurement
Special features of the product line include integrated air flow measurement with a vane anemometer (patent pending), humidity and temperature sensors positioned in the air flow, a MODBUS RTU interface with numerous communications capabilities, and connections for further sensors.

Plug & play system, ready to install
The fans are designed as plug & play systems for easy installation. In addition to the designs with EC motors, models with 2-pole single-phase asynchronous motors or with fewer sensors are also available.

New power blower for industry
For applications that require more power, the new product line has the right solution: Size 225 is now also available in a 500 W version, a power blower that delivers 1,000 m³/h at 1,200 Pa, making it suitable for many industrial engineering applications, for example in packaging systems where certain areas need to be cooled as quickly as possible.