High pressure required ´The new high-performance blower easily creates the high pressure required to transport contaminated air through filtration systems. Thanks to integrated, infinitely variable speed control, energy saving partial-load operation is even possible, extending filter service life in the process. Pressure and airflow can be kept constant with appropriate speed adjustment, even as filters become more contaminated. A PID controller is integrated into the motor electronics. Via MODBUS-RTU, several fans can be conveniently interconnected and data can be provided for the control system. The protocol also enables many monitoring, diagnostics and warning functions to be used. Efficient and quiet Thanks to the high efficiency of the EC motors it contains, the new high-performance blower not only saves energy and operating costs, but also generates less waste heat. The air purifiers do not add extra heat to factory buildings during the summer months. And commutation and the motor design ensure ultra-smooth and quiet fan operation. Unlike the AC fans currently in use, the high-performance blower actually exceeds the applicable requirements of the ErP Directive (EcoDesign Directive). Plug & play The high-performance blower is available as a complete, ready-to-install system in size 450. It can be installed flexibly, with either a vertical or horizontal motor shaft. Since the unit is very compact in spite of its high performance, it is also ideal for retrofits in addition to new developments – for example, when a replacement is expected to save energy or higher air performance is required in the same amount of space.