With the integrated freely programmable sequence control (SPS functionality), technology functions can be realized directly in the drive, the previously necessary SPS is lightened or in the ideal case, becomes completely obsolete. In this case, the control can take place via the digital and analog in and outputs. Thus, the product program of industry 4.0 enabled drive system is extended by a further electronic module. These compact drive systems offer a cost optimized alternative to classic AC servomotors in many applications. In comparison to AC standard motors with frequency converters, this series convinces with higher efficiency as well as power density. The ECI 63.xx K5 supports the communication and movement profiles according to IEC 61800-7 (DS402). This means that the drive can be operated in positioning, speed, current or torque control. In addition, the drive can be freely programmed, similar to an SPS, thanks to the integrated intelligence. For example, a function can be implemented in such a way that the drive can be controllable almost arbitrarily via the integrated I/Os without the necessity of drive commands via CANopen. The drive can also be used as CAN master, thanks to the integrated SPS functionality. This allows networks to be constructed in less complex applications that also work as standalone applications without superordinate SPS. The possibility of forgoing a superordinate SPS, has a positive impact on the cost situation.