RadiCal in scroll housing for residential ventilation
ebm-papst is presenting a single-inlet EC blower with RadiCal impellers in a scroll housing. The blower is designed for use in residential ventilation units with and without heat recovery. RadiCal, a backward-curved centrifugal fan, achieves significantly higher efficiency in comparison to forward-curved centrifugal blowers. At the same time, it reduces the noise level as a result of its optimized scroll contour. When a FlowGrid air inlet grill is added to the intake side, noise reduction can be further optimized.

Ventilation technology in a cube
RadiPac EC centrifugal fans are specially designed for used in air handling units. These built-in fans are equipped with the highly efficient RadiPac Airfoil impeller in aluminum. The compact plug & play system in cube design will be launched at ISH in the new 630-1,000 size range. The cube-shaped struts have been optimized to avoid any negative impact on aerodynamics and acoustics. Thanks to infinite speed changes and a MODBUS-RTU interface, RadiPac adapts perfectly to all air conditioning tasks.

VG 100 gas condensing blower
When it comes to heating technology, ebm-papst is following the trend to increasingly higher comfort with the new VG 100 gas condensing blower. The blower now has a power range of 3-50 kW – an increased upper limit. It provides power for warming water in combination heating units more quickly, for example. And the VG 100 features impressive top energy efficiency, low noise emission and compact installation dimensions. The gas condensing blower is the first unit in the new, modular gas blower platform from ebm-papst.