At the SPS/IPC/Drives trade show, ebm-papst will be showing a new, compact drive system in the 180 to 370 W power range for use in industrial applications: ECI 63.xx K5, the electrically commutated internal rotor motor in size 63. Based on a BLDC internal rotor motor with an integrated electronics module, the system offers a standardized CANopen bus interface directly at the drive for connection to networks. This enables typical slave operation in CANopen networks. Digital and analog inputs and outputs are used for control. ECI 63.xx K5 expands the ebm-papst product line of drive systems compatible with the Internet of Things. In comparison to AC standard motors with variable frequency drives, this series features improved efficiency, higher power density and integrated electronics. ebm-papst will also show the 8300 N tubeaxial fan, which is ideal for cooling the compact, highly integrated electronics used in the information and telecommunications industries, network technology and variable frequency drives, for example. The small DC axial fan measuring just 80 x 80 mm outperforms its predecessor in every respect. It is 8 db(A) quieter, 112% more efficient at the optimum operating point, requires only half the amount of energy and increases pressure to 280 Pascal — at airflows of up to 130 m³/h. Clean breathing air is a basic requirement of every workstation. However, oil mist, vapors and welding smoke are often caused by material processing in the metalworking industry. They can only be kept at safe levels by installing extraction or air cleaning units at deburring, grinding or milling machines, for example. For this application, ebm-papst will be presenting a high-performance blower in GreenTech EC technology at SPS/IPC/Drives. Via MODBUS-RTU, several fans can be conveniently interconnected, data for control systems provided and many monitoring, diagnostics and warning functions used. In addition to these product highlights, other innovative, proven motors and fan solutions from ebm-papst will be on display at the SPS/IPC/Drives trade show.