Surprisingly quiet:
decentralized residential ventilation with AxiRev.

Reversing fan with high efficiency

The AxiRev 126 is a fan with reversal of direction of rotation (reversible) and the new standard for efficient push-pull applications in residential ventilation. In such an application, the fan typically changes the direction of rotation every 60 – 70 seconds.  Equipped with new low-noise motor technology and an innovative aerodynamic design for virtually identical air flow in both directions and a consistent, pleasant noise. And while it also saves energy, all residents can recharge undisturbed.

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All the advantages
at a glance

  • Fan concept optimized for push-pull operation
  • Particularly quiet thanks to innovative patented blade design
  • Low-noise motor technology
  • Optimally designed guide blades
  • Reversal of direction of rotation
  • Humidity protection for up to 98% air humidity

Future-proof and sustainable

Taking responsibility for people and the environment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we develop durable products designed for maximum environmental compatibility and produce them using processes that conserve resources.

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The air volume is identical in both directions of rotation

The AxiRev 126 is the new standard for efficient push-pull applications in residential ventilation. Tobias Sieger, responsible for the ventilation design and flow simulation, explains how the reversing fan achieves this.



Short facts: Unbeatable compact but powerful and still low noise. Easy to  connect due to standard speed control input and output  signals. Integrated fan electronics. High speed up to  38.000rpm offer pure performance

Where to use: Electronic cooling, vacuum lifters, breathing masks, alternating pressure mattresses, mobile extraction systems and filtration

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DiaForce product image


Short facts: Power without compromise. Extremly powerful, innovative single stage design. Up to 500W –extremly high power densitiy, patented aerodynamic design set anew level of noise reduction which beats counter rotating solutions by far.

Where to use: Electronic cooling, vacuum lifters, breathing masks, alternating pressure mattresses, mobile extraction systems and filtration

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AxiForce 80

Short facts: Pure allrounder. Compact but powerful, efficient and noise optimized. New 3phase motor concept.Intelligent fan control via PWM, analogue speed control and various output signals.

Where to use: ICT, frequency inverter, charging infrastructure for e-mobility, display cooling, energy storage, industrial devices (e.g. robotics), networking equipment

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Short facts: Quiet-running: Exemplary noise level of just 49 dB(A). Very dynamic and top performance: Up to 100 rev/ms with static pressure increase of over 5,000 Pa. Intelligent design: Highly compact outer dimensions

Where to use: Fans used in the medical sector – for example in sleep apnea breathing devices

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DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N product image


Short facts: For example, the 6300 NTD (S-Panther) boasts significantly greater performance at a number of operating points and is much quieter than its predecessor, the 6300 (S-Force), thanks to a new impeller with state-of-the-art winglets and turbulator, as well as a new strut design

Where to use: Applications in IT, server or network technology, medical technology, welding machines, applications in frequency converters, inverters for solar power or power supply units, 

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» So small and yet the biggest «

Whether axial, radial or diagonal – they are in any case trend-setting! ebm‑papst offers a wide range of fans for every type, either in AC, DC or GreenTech EC versions, for all voltages and in all standard sizes. With already installed electronics, they also offer numerous additional functions and can be intelligently networked with the respective device logic.

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