The specialist for high static pressure

Special challenges call for special fans.

Since residential and commercial real estate are becoming increasingly expensive, centralized and space-saving solutions are generally preferred. That means the air has to be moved over long distances through external pressure elements and long air ducts to reach its destination – around corners and past junctions on its way to the outlets. To provide a reliable solution for AHU customers looking to ventilate and air-condition large buildings, ebm-papst has improved its popular RadiPac product range to meet their special requirements.

No obstacle is too large – no distance too far!

ebm-papst_RadiPac_HighPressure_ohne Schatten

Here’s what the enhanced RadiPac can do:

  • Static pressure increase up to 2,500 Pa: 15,000 m³/h respectively
  • Available in the sizes 355, 400, 560, 630
  • Support bracket or cube design
  • Simple commissioning thanks to plug & play

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Brochure - EC centrifugal fans with high static pressure - ebm-papst

Brochure with technical details on the product:


  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 

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