Our Highlight at Mostra Convegno:
Seeing You!

Live in Milan from June 28 to July 1, 2022
Hall 24, Booth B21-C22

Everything is ready for our big reunion at Mostra in Milan. We look forward to seeing you! Look forward to state-of-the-art system solutions that will help make the future even better and even more worth living for you and your customers.

Above all, this includes intelligent products for small and large-scale air conditioning systems and heating technology that save on resources. There are also digital solutions for a clearly positive and controllable energy balance – in keeping with our GreenIntelligence philosophy. And last but not least, we present system solutions that are already H2 ready today so that both you and your customers are prepared for energy sources of the future.

You see, we were not resting on our laurels. But the best is still to come: discussions with you in person!


Those were our highlights from ventilation and heatingtechnology

Effectively fulfill the most stringent climate requirements.

According to the latest forecasts from the World Meteorological Organization, the earth is heating up faster than expected. This makes efficient air conditioning more important than ever and presents you with ever greater challenges: How do you meet the strict legal requirements without compromises? How do you get high pressure, ice formation, noise and energy losses under control?

The good news: We have long since asked all these questions, reinventing the impeller and developing intelligent solutions that you can use to fulfill the highest requirements in the future. For example, the new RadiPac, which is always a benchmark, as well as the pressure-resistant AxiEco series, which makes chillers even more efficient and even comes in large sizes of up to 910 mm. 

Ready for the heating technology of tomorrow. 

There is huge potential for savings in countless households due to their outdated heating systems. The efficient solution is to install modern gas condensing units that quickly supply heat energy and that retract it just as quickly as required, especially when our RadiMix system solutions provide the perfect gas/air mixture in all operating states or our combination of gas condensing technology and heat pumps forms a sustainable hybrid system.

And it is even better when green hydrogen is the clean energy source. Our technologies are ready for this now. Are you?

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”

Discover GreenIntelligence

GreenIntelligence means sustainability and digitalization go hand in hand at ebm‑papst.

"Green" stands for green production, green products and sustainable use of resources.

"Intelligence" stands for intelligent control and networking of fans, drives and systems. This makes applications more powerful and processes more efficient.

Generate added value with data.

The best way to avoid wasting energy is to only use the energy you need. Digitalization makes this possible: our fans’ sensors supply data; our computing cloud analyzes it and learns from user behavior and environmental conditions. The result: An optimized interior eco-system with the option of local control, preventive maintenance and fault diagnosis.

Sound good? Then discover digital services from ebm‑papst neo at Mostra and work with us to develop your business model.