At the virtual trade show, ebm-papst will be presenting the CleanVario ionization-based mixture control system to complement its portfolio of combustion systems for gas condensing technology. CleanVario impresses with its continuous clean combustion – with every gas type and changed ambient conditions. This means it can also be used for future synthetic gases, and also for mixing with hydrogen.

Digitalization in the heating technology sector

With the LIN bus interface, digitalization is also entering the field of heating technology. This enables manufacturers of gas boilers in the heat output range of up to 150 kW (for detached houses and apartment blocks) to use sensor data such as power consumption, air flow or speed, and to apply this for predictive maintenance, for example, which in turn increases the service life of the gas boilers. 

Presentations on various topics

At the ISH digital, ebm-papst will also be taking part with three presentations on various topics relating to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Waldemar Wagner from ebm-papst neo will be speaking about the ebm-papst Building Connect platform, which contributes to monitoring the air quality in rooms and controlling it in an energy-efficient way. The presentations will be in English and can be found on the ISH event agenda. 

Exclusive content in the Product Hall

Visitors can access ebm-papst's Product Hall from the ebm-papst profile at the ISH. There they can exclusively find the presentation by Nikolai Lukin and Uwe Rupertus on the topic of home ventilation, amongst other things. In the presentation, a new axial compact fan for push-pull ventilation, a single-duct fan for windowless wet rooms, DC centrifugal fans with quiet drive, and the proven RadiCal blowers in scroll housings for central home ventilation will be showcased. The presentation will be in English and is only to be found in the ebm-papst Product Hall and not in the ISH event agenda. 

ebm-papst tickets for ISH digital 2021

Participation in the ISH digital 2021 from March 22 to 26, 2021 is subject to a charge; vouchers for entry tickets are available from ebm-papst at Access to ebm-papst's exclusive Product Hall is only possible via the company profile at the ISH digital, and only during the trade show period.

Nikolai Lukin (left) and Uwe Rupertus (right) will showcase various ebm-papst solutions for home ventilation in their presentation during the ISH digital.