Axial or centrifugal fan?
Air/water heat pumps are available for indoor and outdoor installation and ebm-papst has the right fan solution for every variant in its product range. Suitable for outdoor installation are smooth-running axial fans such as the AxiBlade series with diameters from 630 to 910 mm, and now completely new – the AxiEco Protect with diameters from 300 to 500 mm. With its great efficiency, it has a much steeper characteristic curve and thus increases the efficiency of the entire system. The compact RadiCal centrifugal fans are ideal for indoor installation and combined devices (heat pump with residential ventilation), as they are designed for higher pressure requirements.

Energy-efficient and quiet
These centrifugal and axial fans are the driving force behind modern EC motors that operate at high efficiency. Since the noise characteristics of heat pumps play a very important role especially at night, the geometry of the blades and impellers has been aerodynamically optimized. The fans can also be combined with the FlowGrid air inlet grille, which reduces noise due to the installation situation. The EC motors used in the fans are easy to control, which enables demand-based speed adjustment, e.g. at night (night temperature reduction).

GreenIntelligence solution
The electronics integrated into the EC fans enable the networking of multiple fans via a MODBUS interface. This way, motor data can be read out and used for maintenance measures. If the heat pump’s evaporator is deiced when needed rather than cyclically, the current speed of the fan can be used for monitoring; it is also possible to read out error messages from the internal sensors and monitor the fans remotely.

The EC fans are also ideally equipped for the future, as the use of natural refrigerants is not a problem for them. Their energy efficiency and low noise emissions make them a future-proof solution for the heat pump sector.