The development of a new car means special requirements for component suppliers such as ebm-papst. With innovative ventilation and drive solutions, for many years ebm-papst has ensured that a wide variety of liquids, air and gases can be pumped inside vehicles.

Orbital pump for car exhaust conversion
At the International Motor Show, ebm-papst will show the new orbital pump and more. With its help, the AdBlue additive for car exhaust conversion is pumped from a tank to a nozzle in the catalytic converter. When the car is turned off, the pump sucks the liquid back into the tank provided. This way, the pump ensures that residual AdBlue does not remain in the line. Residual AdBlue would freeze at temperatures below -7 °C and block the line. The orbital pump from ebm-papst is speed-controlled, cannot freeze, and has a special communications interface for interconnectivity within the car.

Sitting comfort thanks to air conditioning
Special centrifugal and axial compact fans are used for active climate-controlled seats. They suck in the cooler air beneath the seat and distribute it evenly across the sitting surface. This reduces the amount of perspiration moisture, resulting in increased sitting comfort during long trips in particular. And driving becomes less tiring.

Versatile solutions
The car solutions from ebm-papst are extremely versatile. The company’s EC drives are used as oil pump drives for automatic transmissions, power steering motors, coupling actuators, and for rear-axle steering, for example. And it provides fans for the complex requirements of electronics cooling applications.

Reduced exhibition period for suppliers
ebm-papst is taking advantage of the reduced exhibition period for suppliers and therefore the last day of the company’s booth at the 2019 International Motor Show from September 10-13 will be Friday, September 13.