In cooperation with its subsidiary ebm-papst Landshut, which specializes in gas heating, the R&D center will develop combustion control systems for condensing boilers. With Osnabrück’s mayor Wolfgang Griesert in attendance, Hans-Joachim Klink, Head of Platform Development at ebm-papst Landshut, gave a preview of the planned research projects. “On the way to the smart home, our digital technology experts will be developing smart new heating technology solutions. They’ll be focusing first on electronic combustion control, which regulates the ideal mixture of gas and air for low-emission combustion and optimum energy utilization.” The family-owned business has invested in the latest research and laboratory equipment for the 400-square-meter facility, which will start with a ten-member development team. “We expect this think tank to deliver systematic improvements in our heating technology expertise in energy efficiency, digitalization and the trend toward smart systems,” said Stefan Brandl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group. “Its proximity to our Dutch subsidiary, ebm-papst Heating Systems, and to educational institutions and skilled specialists makes Osnabrück a very attractive location,” added Brandl. Fig. 1: Opening ceremony for the development center in Osnabrück: At left: Mayor Wolfgang Griesert. At right: Stefan Brandl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group. Further information: You can read an online article about the ebm-papst development center in Osnabrück at