In total, 37 employees were invited to celebrate their lengthy service, with 25 employees celebrating their 10 years of service, 9 employees celebrating 25 years, two employees celebrating 40 years and one employee celebrating 45 years of staying with the company. ebm-papst is proud of its dedicated staff, who bring a rich panoply of experience to the working day of the company with their long years of service. Raymond Engelbrecht, Managing Director of ebm-papst St. Georgen, thanked the employees celebrating their service anniversary for their dedication, commitment and their strong attachment to ebm-papst. "They represent the values of the company and they are the reason the company has flourished into a strong, successful business over the years." Mr. Joachim Gwinner, Head Public Servant (Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis Office), deputy mayor Hansjörg Staiger and Mr. Thomas Albiez (Managing Director of the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg) joined in the celebration to recognize professional achievements of our colleagues. They praised the company's commitment to being the largest employer in Bergstadt. In addition to the official honors, Buttler Archibal ensured the guests' entertainment. He presented the program of the day, announced the arrival of excellent courses and introduced the entertainment on offer. His varied presentation made for an amusing evening, and the guests had a few surprises in store for them. The company canteen rounded off the evening by providing a festive meal. The following employees were honored for the months of January to December 2016 (by the date of joining): For 45 years: Krüger Ruth For 40 years: Kieninger Willi, Jäckle Klaus For 25 years: Lehmann Helmut, Stöckle Bozidarka, Flaig Lucia Theresia, Woschny Dirk, Karwath-Busch Arno, Gentner Simone, Wächter Wolfgang, Neubauer Silke, Fleig Stefan For 10 years: Schätzle Magnus, Felber Manfred, Guhl Christoph, Cosco Pino, Reiser-Ilg Siliva, Kuhnert Gerhard, Rühlow Karl-Heinz, Wernet Jochen, Wössner Lars, Karwat Simone, Sick Saskia, Sick Bernhard, Rapp Clemens, Beganovic Sajra, Steinwandel Bernd, Bauer Andreas, Hackenjos Dirk, Baur Manfred, Spott Joachim, Männert Armand, Allgaier Torsten, Ivanusic Denis, Sesar Rivero Juan Manuel, Kieninger Thorsten, Hellweg Reinhard