ebm-papst has developed a single-inlet EC blower with a RadiCal impeller specifically for use in residential ventilation units. A vane anemometer (patent pending) ensures exact airflow control, and integrated sensors allow optional monitoring of temperature and humidity. A MODBUS-RTU interface permits remote monitoring and programming. The blower’s efficiency is up to 34 percent higher than that of EC centrifugal blowers. At the same time, its scroll contour reduces the total noise level by 3.5 dB(A). When a FlowGrid air inlet grill is added to the intake side, noise reduction can be further optimized. About the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award The MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award judges a combination of technology expertise and design. A panel of materials and design experts has honored winners in the “Material,” “Surface & Technology,” “Product,” “CO2 Efficiency” and “Student” categories since 2003. Other awards in various categories went this year to Daimler, Lindberg, Schaeffler, Magna, Continental, Brose etc.