We have been the competent and efficient partner of automobile industry for many years with our extensive range of products, from engineering to production. With our ventilation and drive systems we provide the appropriate solution for the most diverse applications. In addition, we also provide complete system solutions, such as the integrated additional oil pump for example. We handle both air and fluids and with our extensive product portfolio we can steer, brake, shift gears, clean/transform, cool and pump. As a special highlight, the seat ventilation with radial fans will be exhibited at the ebm-papst stand this year. Seats are becoming increasingly more complex at present, which leaves less room for the seat ventilation. A radial fan is ideal for this. With dimensions of 94x83x22 mm, it is extremely compact and pressure-optimised too. Because of its high performance, only one fan is necessary for seat ventilation with radial fans. The new radial fan also distinguishes itself with its low noise, long life and high reliability. (Image 1) In the field of drive system technology, we also provide and develop various products. They are applied in the treatment of exhaust gases, steering or drive systems. The visitors can look forward to an exciting new solution in drive technology. In addition to these product highlights many more innovative drive and ventilation solutions for the automobile sector on show at the IAA.