Requirements according to DIN EN 50216-12 The special transformer fans satisfy all the requirements for demanding large transformer cooling systems according to DIN EN 50216-12. They meet the requirements of a long service life and high salt spray resistance (corrosion protection class C5M as per DIN EN ISO 12944). The fans are also suitable for deployment in high salt content coastal areas. Prevention of "hot spots" with EC technology Switching off individual fans can lead to the oil developing "hot spots." Thanks to EC technology, it is possible to use the fans in partial-load operation. The consequence is a more even flow through the radiator. Another positive effect: the motor does not heat up as dramatically, which extends the fan's service life. Partial-load operation not only saves energy and lowers operating costs, but also results in less waste heat. After all, heat that is not created does not have to be dissipated. The commutation and stator design also ensure extremely smooth operation, which makes them suitable for areas of application where the noise protection regulations must be obeyed. Simple commissioning and worldwide use Installation and mounting are possible directly on the fan housing, with a horizontal or vertical installation position as required. The fans are perfectly equipped for worldwide use. They work with power supplies between 200-240 V and 380-480 V, and satisfy all the relevant standards (CE, UL, CSA, EAC, CCC) as well as the degree of protection IP55 requirements. The fans come in sizes 500 mm to 1250 mm with air performance of up to 13 m³/s.