Siemens DF MC selected the winners from hundreds of suppliers worldwide in categories for best key account, best quality, best logistics, best development and innovation, and best overall. Siemens DF MC is a producer of industrial drive and control technology and is supplied by ebm-papst with fans for cooling variable frequency drives and with units for forced-air motor ventilation. Outstanding reliability, dependability and customer service Among the reasons given by Siemens DF MC for the award was that its applications are improved by the performance of ebm-papst fans. In addition, ebm-papst is able to keep down times extremely low and was also praised for its outstanding reliability, dependable delivery and excellent customer service. David Kehler, Head of Sales for Germany at ebm-papst, accepted the award with sales representative Axel Resch. "I’m very pleased to be able to accept this outstanding award in my new capacity as Head of Sales. It’s the result of a great effort by our team," said Kehler after the ceremony. Fans for cooling variable frequency drives Variable frequency drives enable economical and measured operation of motors in industrial assembly lines and manufacturing facilities. The resulting waste heat needs to be dissipated reliably. High-efficiency cooling modules with fans from ebm-papst ensure dependable operation of the systems. Forced-air motor ventilation ensures error-free production processes The motors in machinery and processing systems have to deliver high performance even at low speeds. To prevent overheating, they need additional external cooling from so-called forced-air ventilation systems. In such systems, fans from ebm-papst ensure optimum motor cooling. They have a long service life and a compact and rugged design and provide sufficient motor cooling under all operating conditions to guarantee error-free production processes.