He said, “The WorldStar Packaging Award shows that we are just as innovative with our packaging as we are with our products.” His winning idea was a way to use cut-outs to strengthen the collapsible boxes used for large fans. Before his innovation, the bottom box in a stack would sometimes fail during transport. The weight of up to six stacked fans (about 240 kg) was too much. The usual solution would have been to stabilize the box with additional material in the corners, but Sebastian Gruber had a better idea. He punched flaps directly into the top of the box so that reinforcing corners can be made by folding when needed, without additional material. As a result, he improved BCT (box compression test) values without additional costs. The WorldStar Packaging Award is the second award that Sebastian Gruber has received for his idea. In 2016, he won the “Innovationspreis Wellpappe” awarded by the German association for the corrugated cardboard industry for notable innovations involving cardboard as a packaging material.