Its maximum modulation of more than 1:10 covers the broad power range up to 50 kW. It also features an efficiency improvement of around 5% and its operating noise is at least 3dB(A) lower than that of comparable blowers. With a maximum axial installation height of only 81mm, it is compact and can be easily integrated. Improved efficiency and noise reduction A new motor was developed for the blower platform. The development aimed to improve efficiency and reduce the material used at the same time. The aerodynamics was improved in the process, resulting in a more compact blower. In turn, the range of options for integrating the blower into instantaneous water heaters was considerably expanded. Another focus of the development work was noise reduction. In addition to reducing the airborne sound, the developers focused on reducing the vibrations (structure-borne sound). State-of-the-art development tools supported the product developers. Bus interfaces for easy integration into digital systems The electronics were also completely revised. Now the blower has optional bus interfaces for easy integration into digital systems. The blower is optimized for production and can be produced rationally, with standardized processes. The stable motor cover design decouples the blower from the motor for lower noise levels and can withstand any rough handling in the downstream assembly process. With its wide power range and flexibly adjustable geometry, the new premix blower is ideal for all gas condensing technology applications, significantly reducing device manufacturers’ needs for a variety of gas blowers.