In collaboration with users, ebm-papst develops customized solutions for many sectors, including ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, household appliances, heating, automobiles, drive engineering and industry. Its customer magazine "mag" reflects the world market leader’s enormous range and versatility. The editorial team places particular emphasis on articles with diversified narrative and design to communicate the diversity of the applications. Unusual and creative solutions are also presented in the magazine. Passion and customer focus Katrin Lindner, project manager for the customer magazine at ebm-papst, said "That was a great surprise when our magazine was announced as the winner. The whole team puts a lot of effort and passion into each issue. We try to make the magazine as varied and interesting as possible, and now we’ve been rewarded for that with the gold award." Thomas Borst, Managing Director Sales and Marketing of the ebm-papst Group, added "We’re pleased that in addition to our award-winning products, we’ve also received an award for our customer magazine. Successes like this strengthen our brand and our ties to our customers. Customer focus is our daily bread at ebm-papst." About "mag" "mag" is ebm-papst’s customer magazine and has been published twice yearly in print and online editions in German and English since 2008. The magazine’s content and layout were revised in 2016 for greater visual appeal and a more generous layout. Its primary audience includes decision-makers and engineers at customers and potential customers, the trade, business and regional press, and employees and other interested parties. The magazine is developed in cooperation with the Stuttgart-based agency pr+co. Its online edition,, was also nominated for the BCM. About the BCM For the BCM contest in 2017, a total of 736 corporate media, media systems, campaigns and individual articles were submitted in various media formats, from traditional customer magazines to corporate videos and social media projects. The largest European award for content marketing is organized by the Content Marketing Forum (CMF), whose members include publishers and agencies that develop and implement groundbreaking content strategies for their customers, producing effective content for all forms of media, including print, video, mobile and online. The customer magazine mag is published twice yearly in in German and English and gives fascinating insights into solutions from our world of aerodynamics and drive applications.