Conventional shaded-pole motors have long since been a thing of the past when it comes to choosing a motor for condensers and evaporators. The successful iQ motor series from ebm-papst is significantly more intelligent and environmentally friendly – after all, it uses high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology. Many supermarket chains already use the motors in their refrigerated display cases and bottle coolers. The NiQ is the company's latest generation. The compact motor combines proven properties with a new design, both inside and outside. The developers made the "next-generation iQ" even more efficient and above all, more economical. In accordance with the low speeds the applications typically require, the motor has been optimized to 800 to 2,000 rpm and the corresponding torque. This has a positive impact on efficiency and smooth operation. The developers have replaced the aluminum housing with plastic, which is not only more environmentally friendly but also qualifies for approval for applications with indirect food contact – for example, in open vegetable display cases. And the new winding technique leads to improved thermal characteristics. The NiQ is available in three sizes with an output power of 5, 12, and 18 W respectively. From the technical viewpoint, they replace several sizes of the old AC motor technology used in the Q motor. The NiQ is not only ideal for new developments – customers recover their investment in retrofitting existing applications within an extremely short time.