New drive regulator Modern intralogistics applications such as cross-belt sorters, warehouse shuttles or driverless transport systems require innovative electronics solutions. A good example is the new VARIOTRONIC VTD-24.40-K4 drive regulator for position-controlled operation of BLDC motors with marked overload capacity from ebm-papst. With nominal voltages of 24 and 48 VDC, power outputs of up to 1,000 W are possible at a constant current of 40 A. The integrated interface offers comprehensive options for parameterizing and diagnosis. DC axial fan cools compact power electronics In addition, ebm-papst will be presenting the 8300 N construction series at SPS, a fan series that is up to 8 dB(A) quieter than its predecessor. This DC axial fan achieves a flow rate of up to 130 m³/h and an increase in pressure of up to 280 pascal within dimensions as small as 80 x 80 x 32 mm. The 8300 N can be used anywhere where highly integrated power electronics need cooling in the tightest installation space. Patented diaphragm protects DC centrifugal fan The fan specialists from ebm-papst have developed a RadiCal DC centrifugal fan with a special patented diaphragm to protect electronic components in centrifugal fans against corrosion and thus failure even in environments subject to frequent fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The housing is hermetically sealed and has no problem withstanding even highly dynamic changes in temperature between -40°C and up to +70°C. RadiCal DC centrifugal fans are used in IT base stations for example. These permit mobile communication all over the world. In addition to this product highlight, we will also be presenting other innovative and proven motor and ventilation solutions from ebm-papst at SPS/IPC/Drives for you to see.