In the refrigeration sector, ebm-papst will be presenting the expansion of the successful "AxiCool" axial series for evaporators and air coolers in Hall 24. The new 500, 630, and 800 mm sizes are designed for high-performance evaporators and air coolers for commercial and industrial refrigeration. This clever plug & play system solution offers many advantages. The integrated combination of diffuser and discharge vanes increases the efficiency by 30% and allows an increase in air performance by up to 12% and a reduction of the noise by up to 3 dB(A). With the NiQ, ebm-papst introduces the next generation of energy-saving drive motors – for use in refrigerated display cases and bottle coolers, among other applications. The compact motor combines the well-known properties of the iQ motor series with a new design – inside and out. The developers have been able to make the next iQ generation even more efficient and especially more economical. Based on the typical low speeds for the applications, the motor has been optimized to 800 to 2,000 1/min and the corresponding torque. The aluminum housing has been replaced with plastic, which makes approval possible for areas with indirect contact with foodstuffs, such as in open vegetable display cases. At the stand in Hall 7, ebm-papst will be showing new solutions for heat pump applications. Thanks to the continued optimization of the peripheral parts in combination with the integrated diffuser, the reliable HyBlade axial fan offers enormous advantages in terms of efficiency and acoustics. On the one hand, it allows the air performance to increase by up to 10%, and on the other hand, a reduction of the noise by up to 3 dB (A). Thus this new plug & play system solution offers the best conditions for an even more efficient and quieter heat pump. Another innovation is the G3G 315 gas blower. For the first time, heating outputs of up to 2 MW are possible with a single compact blower – enough to heat high-rise buildings or entire housing developments, for example. Now planners have completely new options, such as decentralized heating solutions that minimize construction expenses and heating losses from long pipes. In combination with our GreenTech EC technology, enormous savings are possible. In Hall 7, ebm-papst Heating Systems from the Netherlands will also be presenting the 900TS touch screen. The 7-inch touch screen for monitoring the boiler status and operating state and for simple configuration is equipped with housing that can be integrated easily into the respective systems. This touch screen, which can be used with the 900MN boiler control and the 900PB graphic display, communicates via MODBUS. The user-friendly operator interface can be adapted easily to customer requirements (welcome screen and company branding), and is equipped with an Ethernet connection to the Internet server that can be installed wherever desired. Furthermore, the basic 900EM model – a dependable ebm-papst control unit for residential buildings – will be presented. This compact control unit, which can be used in boiler systems and pure heating systems, satisfies all current market standards. It has an integrated user interface with 7 pushbuttons and an edge connector.