The new gas blower is based on the proven, high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology. It features all the known advantages of electronically commutated motors. For the first time, heat output of up to 2 MW – enough to heat skyscrapers or entire housing developments – is possible with a single blower. Now planners have completely new options, including decentralized heating solutions that, unlike district heating power plants, minimize construction expenses and heating losses from long pipes. In combination with GreenTech EC technology, users can achieve enormous savings. The aerodynamics of the impeller and the housing of the G3G 315 have been optimized, and the development team was able to realize extremely compact dimensions at high power densities. A higher modulation level allows the output to be adapted to a wide variety of requirements. And the speed can be infinitely adjusted via a PWM or 0-10 V interface. The blower operates in an input voltage range of 380-480 V – a variant with 200-240 V is currently in development. The developers are also taking the trend to industry 4.0 into account: a MODBUS-RTU interface which can be used to control actuators and sensors, for example, has been integrated into the G3G 315. In addition to saving a variety of configurations, it facilitates monitoring functions. For customers, the use of MODBUS means greater operating convenience and greater reliability.