Axial fan with especially flat design The latest innovation being shown at the ebm-papst stand is the size 250 axial fan with an especially flat design only 50 mm high that sets new standards in packaging. The fan housing has four attachment points by which the fan can be fastened with screws as usual. A new addition is a bayonet fitting with which the fan can be easily mounted on a bracket or other fixture. The fan housing’s symmetrical design gives customers more flexibility for installation and allows the fan to be used easily for both airflow directions. A guard grille can be clicked into place without increasing the fan’s height and without additional hardware. Low weight saves fuel The new fan also features a low weight thanks to its high composite content, reducing vehicle weight and saving fuel. It is dustproof and resistant to high-pressure cleaners, complying with the requirements for IP6K9K, a high degree of protection. It is designed for air conditioning in the cabs of off-road vehicles as well as for cabins in conventional street vehicles. The new fan will be available in 60 W and 120 W versions starting in fall 2016. Other highlights at ebm-papst’s IAA stand In addition to the new product, ebm-papst will also be showing its proven double centrifugal blowers with forward-curved blades and EC technology for use in vehicle air conditioners. Also present at the IAA Commercial Vehicles will be the compact axial fan with brushless DC motor, specially designed for the typical air flow of commercial vehicles and buses. That makes it ideally equipped for use in commercial vehicles such as buses. The centrifugal and axial fans are equipped with the derating system, which always adjusts the fan’s power consumption to ensure reliable operation even at high ambient temperatures, thus preventing thermal overload shutdown of the fan and resulting malfunctions of the system