At Hannover Messe, ebm-papst is presenting an intelligently interconnected, energy efficient cooling system used for the precision cooling of machine tools, control cabinets, medications, chemical processes, beverages and (perishable) food. The ebm-papst development team collaborated with an American refrigerator manufacturer to create the interconnected control system. This increases the overall efficiency, energy efficiency and reliability of the entire system. In food retailing alone, there is a worldwide savings potential of over 30 TWh/a – which would eliminate the need for more than three large power stations. Its automatic data transmission function enables the cooling system to monitor, regulate, control, remotely maintain and pinpoint the geographical location of the connected devices. This allows even remotely installed devices such as beverage refrigerators to be monitored centrally, including ongoing power and energy loss checks. UL and the National Electric Code specify special protection of wiring for various fan applications in the United States. For outdoor applications to which persons have access (e.g. condensers for refrigeration and air conditioning units) or indoor ones (e.g. data centers), conduits must be used to protect wiring against mechanical damage. ebm-papst has developed custom made fittings and conduit that meet these requirements. Our EC motors are available with fittings that incorporate a radial seal, ensuring a watertight seal even if the fittings are not properly torqued. Using two fans does not always mean twice as much performance. Sometimes it can create much more – if you use the right setup. The special feature of 6300N Counter Rotating is a modular double stage with – slightly modified – ebm-papst standard fans. The result is a custom tailored solution whose total pressure increase and efficiency is greater than the sum of the two individual fans – at the same level of energy consumption.