ebm-papst was very pleased to have received two awards. The diagonal compact module for use in filter ventilators for control cabinet cooling took silver in the "Product" category. And the AxiCool axial fan for high performance air coolers in the commercial and industrial cooling sector received the “Best of Category” award in the "CO2 Efficiency" category. AxiCool transports more air with less energy consumption for CO2 savings As it was presenting the award for the AxiCool fan, the independent jury of specialists emphasized the fan's coherent design and benefits for the environment. “We have developed a fan that generates as little CO2 in the manufacturing process as possible, saves a great deal of energy in operation and ultimately, can easily be recycled,” said Thomas Sauer, Head of Development Dept. B and Electronics, who accepted the award. "The fan is carbon-efficient over its entire life cycle. This is why we are happy to have received the 'Best of Category' award," added Sauer. In the axial series, the integrated combination of diffuser and guide vanes increases efficiency by a full 30%, allowing an increase in air performance of up to 12% and a noise reduction of up to 5 dB(A). To put it in a nutshell: The AxiCool transports more air with less energy consumption. Diagonal compact module extends filter ventilator maintenance intervals The diagonal compact module was also among the award recipients – Thomas Heli, Head of the Development Dept., accepted the award in Munich. The concept is based on the new diagonal impellers and is mechanically compatible with commercially available axial tubeaxial fans. However, the new modules deliver a higher airflow at higher back pressure, lower noise emissions and lower power consumption with the same airflow. Because the drop in performance due to dirty filter pads is considerably lower compared to the axial designs, the maintenance intervals can be extended – which immediately saves costs. About the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award The MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award judges a combination of technology expertise and design. A jury consisting of materials and design experts has honored winners in the categories of "Material," "Surface & Technology," "Product," "CO2 Efficiency" and "Student" since 2003. This year, the other awards in various categories went to Daimler, thyssenkrupp, Grohe, Festo, etc.