The size 500 axial fans from ebm-papst were specially engineered for use in outdoor heat pumps and now they have been optimized for energy efficiency and noise reduction. The ready-to-connect plug & play unit consists of the new, patented fan housing system with an integrated diffuser, motor, electronics and HyBlade® impeller – all perfectly harmonized. With its pressure-raising effect, the diffuser integrated in the fan housing lowers outlet losses significantly, allowing an air performance increase of up to 10% while reducing noise by up to 3 dB(A). For the entire fan system, this adds up to 23% more efficiency than conventional solutions – the best prerequisite for a high COP (coefficient of performance) value for the entire heat pump. The GreenTech EC motors can also be controlled via their serial RS485 MODBUS RTU interfaces or 0-10 V DC control inputs, enabling high efficiency even in partial-load operation. The fans can run at lower speeds at night, for example. This is especially important for heat pumps used in residential buildings, where sound emission must be kept as low as possible. The new axial fans will be available in summer 2016.