Modular design With fans, different back pressures have to be taken into consideration depending on the application and conditions of installation. A selection of optimized plug & play system solutions from the AxiBlade series are now available, specifically for this reason. Guide vanes are recommended depending on the pressure range required; their pressure increasing effect minimizes outflow turbulences and therefore dynamic losses, thus contributing to an improved energy balance. Further features include impellers with profiled blade geometry and winglets for maximum efficiency. The impellers have been designed for the various motors they can be combined with, which increases efficiency and reduces running noise. The guard grilles are matched to the various combinations and aerodynamically optimized. They not only protect against accidental contact, but also contribute to the high overall efficiency of the axial fans. AxiBlade axial fans operate in a wide variety of applications with optimum efficiency of up to 54%. In the process, a noise reduction of up to 8 dB(A) can be achieved when compared with the standard program. The right solution for every pressure range The new axial fans can be ideally matched to the application in question. The version without guide vanes, for instance, is suitable for low to medium pressure ranges of up to 200 Pa. In this case, the benefits of the guide vanes do not come into play. Even without them, the efficiency and operating noise are much better than the current industry standard. Guide vanes are appropriate for high back pressures of up to 290 Pa. In these cases, they are essential for achieving high efficiency. No design changes to the customer's unit required Since the new axial fans' footprint corresponds to the current industry standard, virtually no design changes to the end unit are necessary. Besides the especially energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors, the new AxiBlade models are also available with the AC motors that are still widely used.