What effort do I have to allow for reporting in the SCIP database?

The effort required for ECHA notification can vary greatly and depends in particular on the amount of data that needs to be compiled. This data must be provided at the article level. As an article, the database considers the smallest or most basic units that can exist after their manufacture. They can be placed on the market directly or be processed into a complex object. Therefore, the obligation to transmit the data always lies with the first supplier of the articles in the supply chain. 

In order to prepare the registration of the data, it is recommended to prepare a comprehensive SCIP dossier in which all necessary data and information on the products are collected.

The effort is somewhat less if individual products are already entered in the database.  In this case, manufacturers of complex articles, processors of articles or traders can use the so-called "referencing" and refer to data already entered. Alternatively, the "Simplified SCIP Notification" SSN is offered, a simplified SCIP notification. This is intended in particular for traders.

The greatest effort is required where the use of substances has to be analysed. Obtaining the data from suppliers outside the EU and supplementing supply contracts also involves an enormous amount of work - and this increases exponentially with the density of chemicals or other reportable substances.