Meet our superheroes at HMI in Hanover

Future Heroes – the future is now. 

Cordial invitation to HMI: April 17 to 21, 2023 in Hanover. 

The future holds many challenges. Fortunately, we can help you master them with our intelligent and sustainable products. But how are we able to develop these very products with an eye to the future?

Behind every product is a team of heroes who work day in and day out to ensure that they are the best and most powerful that they can be. And at ebm‑papst, this starts early: with our young talent. Promoting and training them in the best possible way is one of our primary objectives. This also includes giving them responsibility at an early stage. 

You can see for yourself what this means at HMI in Hanover. Because this year, this invitation and our entire trade show appearance have been planned by our trainees. So just read on to find out which team our trainees are using to shape the future and how we are making the future better with our product solutions. 


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Get to know the team at HMI and visit us from April 17 to 21, 2023 in Hanover, Hall 7 / Booth C50

Presenting: the ebm‑papst team of heroes. 


Well, that's not exactly what our trainees look like, of course. But they’re still real superheroes. And are committed to shaping the future for many issues represented by these three heroes. That’s why each one has been given his or her own name and symbolizes focal points of our company. 

Combines sustainability and digitalization – both in terms of products and the young, smart generation of employees. 

Represents aspects of the digitalization of processes and products. And the equality of all genders. 

Brings together the topics of sustainability and product efficiency with the advancement of young employees. 

Get to know the team at HMI and visit us from April 17 to 21, 2023 in Hanover, Hall 7 / Booth C50. Secure your free trade show ticket now!

We aim high for greater efficiency. 


A good example of how the younger generation is helping to shape our future is the development of our own vertical farm, a project run by our energy scouts, with the aim of making farming more predictable. An enclosed area keeps the cabinet free of weeds, fungi, and other pests, and our own axial fans continuously ventilate it with fresh air. Built-in LEDs and a pump valve additionally ensure that the plants are supplied with everything they need. Our team will be happy to show you the model live at HMI. 

We will also show you our latest product category, which was created by consolidating our core competencies. After all, we have long been familiar with aerodynamics, high-efficiency motors and electronics. Now we have expanded our core competencies to include high-speed bearings. It is this technology that underpins the high speeds of our new HighSpeed turbo compressors. HighSpeed turbo compressors from ebm‑papst are small and compact. They offer maximum adaptability and particularly high speeds. In short, they are simply well designed.